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What is expected of me?

All students enrolled onto a PTQualifications4Less course are expected to act professionally and honestly at all times whilst on the course.

All learners will be expected to sign a student contract during the first day of their course to outline to professionalism expected of them during the course. This includes time-keeping, quality of work, handing work in on time, appearance, attitude and behavior.

PTQualifications4Less has the right to remove any learner from the course if they fail to meet these standards. 

Will my hard work be recognised?
What qualifications will I gain?
When will receive my certificate?
Will I get a job?
What are the course hours?
Can I work full time?
Where will the courses be held?
Who are my tutors?
How are the courses assessed?
What is your Equal Opportunity Policy?
Disability Statement
Tutorial Support
What is expected of me?
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