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The home learning version of the course allows you to complete your qualifications in your own time without having to quit your day job!

You have up to 12 months to successfully complete your course.  We recommend you dedicate at least 10 hours a week to your studies, this could either be a couple of hours every weekday evening, or over the weekend depending on your current commitments.  The online portal will help you through the qualifications step by step to ensure you are prepared for your course assessments. You can complete the qualifications much quicker if you dedicate more hours per day/week to your studies. For example if you study 16/20 hours per week you could complete within 3-5 months.

Our BRAND NEW online home learning courses allow our students to study from anywhere and gain Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor & Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

As part of our online PT course you will also be able to book a FREE place on our business course.

The course can be completed via laptop/tablet and even mobile. Online learning has never been so easy. Content is downloadable, with videos, quizzes, Facebook like interaction groups and even your own learner profile so you can connect with other learners! The online platform tracks your progress every step of the way becoming fitness qualified has never been so fun!


Students have the flexibility to complete the course in their own time and in the comfort of their own home or whenever you have time available in fact.They have an assigned, qualified tutor with guidance and feedback by email or online available. Become fully fitness qualified and book your assessment dates from our many dates available.

PLEASE NOTE; The online option is for learners who can essentially work on your own independently, If you think you may require face to face time with a tutor a classroom based course is better suited. Contact days with a tutor will only be for assessments or exams. You will be expected to work through the portal and complete all the relevant sections, You only need to contact us when you feel your work is competed ready to be marked, Once the tutor has marked your work a decision will made if your ready to book your exams and assessments. Please note you need to work independently to complete all course work, the online portal takes you though each step, you will not be prompted to book assessments or submit your LAP, You will need to contact us to arrange when you feel ready. The cost of the course is for the portal access, tutor time for exams and assessment dates and unlimited resits.

  • Enrol today and start your learning immediately!

Course Breakdown


Once signed up, An email will be sent with your online login details, Its thats easy! You will need to attend at least 2 contact days to review your progress with your home learning tutor as well as complete your theory and practical assessments within one of our 5 Xercise4Less Academies. Our dedicated home learning tutor is on hand for support via email.

Once you’ve passed all assessments (paperwork, theory and practical assessments), you will hold the same Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications as learners who have taken both the full time and weekend courses.

The tutor will have to mark your work and agree before hand you are ready for an exam or assessment prior to attending.

Please note: Assessment and exams days maybe subject to change dependent on tutor availability. These will vary from a weekend date or a midweek date.

Unit 1 - Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise

No, not your standard science lesson! Learn how the body moves and what muscles need to be targeted, what happens to your bones/joints/hormones when exercising and how we age! Find out why some people are better at sprinting and others long distance. Even how the nervous system can be developed - all training related!

Unit 2 - Supporting Clients

Learn how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity. This topic covers client interaction and learning how to approach every individual, from the timid newbie to the ripped gym hero!

Unit 3 - Health, Safety and Welfare in a Fitness Environment

Here you will be taken through the essential practices of health and safety on the gym floor in order to prevent client accident or injury. Ensure your client leaves happy. This unit will have you clued up and acting like a true professional on the gym floor.

Unit 4 - Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health

Learn how to adapt exercises to broaden your client potential, how to define different types of fitness, and importantly how to ensure your clients get results.

Unit 5 - Planning Gym Based Exercise

Yes, it’s alright knowing what exercise does what but do you know how to put these into a safe and effective exercise programme specific to your client?

Learn the importance of cardiovascular training, how to train this via different forms and how to avoid the boredom. Understand the breakdown of reps, sets and rests; why we train how we do, and learn industry standard terminology.

Unit 6 - Instructing Gym Based Exercise

This unit is all about ensuring that you have a spot-on technique to pass on to your clients! Practice what you preach and you’re set for success.

Unit 1 - Anatomy & Physiology

A more in-depth look at how the body moves and how this is important in order to understand the effectiveness of a training programme.

Unit 2 - Nutrition

A significant aspect of fitness is about what we put into our bodies. You will learn about the different nutritional needs of different types of clients and how you can construct an effective food plan. By the end of this unit you will understand the importance of portion sizes and how different foods affect different performances, especially in sport.

Unit 3 - Planning personal training sessions

Learn how to develop a 8-week training programme to ensure your client achieves the goals they desire. You will be learning the expertise to potentially change people’s lives!

Unit 4 - Delivering personal training sessions

This is where you put your skills and knowledge into practice. You will implement the use of advanced training methods such as Fartlek and Tabata into training programmes to create exciting sessions and retain client satisfaction. This is your time to shine and start building the bones of a great reputation.

Extra Information

How much learning/revising will I need to do?

To ensure you qualify within 12 months, we advise 2 hours of learning/revising per night, Monday-Friday. This being 10 hours per week. If you can only revise at the weekend due to other commitments then please ensure 10 hours of revision is completed. Remember these are nationally recognised qualifications and require hard work and commitment!!

What will this home learning consist of?

Once signed up you will need to send your date of birth, email address and mobile number to, so we are able to obtain your log in details. Once this has been received you will get an email from which will have all of your log in details. Once you receive these details you will be able to, log on and start working through the Online Home Learning material. Home learning will include completing the online sections, learning/revising the theory section of the course, and completing practical practice with a friend or family member.

How will I be assessed?

Once you have complete the relevant tasks via home learning, and a tutor has marked your worked and once they agree you are ready for an assessment or exam you will then attend specific contact days that takes you through your assessments. A series of dates are pre planned, these are planned in our 2017 calendar for each region, and can be subject to change dependent on tutor availability.

So what certification will I receive?

If you pass all parts of the course you will receive an 'Active IQ Level 2 (Gym Instructor) Certificate' and 'Active IQ Level 3 (Personal Training) Certificate'. Also, all courses are REPs registered at Level 3 meaning you will be recognised by all industry experts and qualified to work in a gym environment and take on personal training clients.

What happens once qualified?

On successful completion of the course you will be given a course completion letter until your certificate arrives, This can take 3 months once its been internally verified, processed and claimed.

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